Saturday, September 20, 2014


The October issue of Arts & Activities Magazine (a resource every visual arts teacher should have) has one of these Mexican-inspired, mixed media paper creations on the cover (my complete article is featured in the magazine, which you can access online).
P.Guhin, decorative
The figure, from an old anatomy book, was enhanced with acrylics.

collage, P.Guhin
The "wings" here are also from an unwanted medical book.
Washes of thin acrylics were used to enhance the anatomy images,
but inks could be used instead. Dia de los Muertos,
or Day of the Dead,is all about new birth,
re-birth, and transformation.

re-birth, new+birth, harvest, Fall, Autumn

mixed-media, Guhin

Monday, September 15, 2014


Embedding is Easy
The back of a thrift-store hand mirror can be embellished with bits of  costume jewelry. The adhesive can be heavy gel medium or any of your favorite, heavy-duty glues.

mixed-media, collage, assemblage
Transform a plain surface by encrusting it.
I have posted before about this method of altering objects. The covers of altered books are great for this technique!   
mixed-media, encrust
Texture is a good thing.
See how I re-created the surface of the
altered, vessel
Creepy, right? Like Pandora's Box!
                                                                collage, technique  
                                                 Even a handbag can be collaged and encrusted.


Sunday, September 7, 2014


The first method uses plastic shapes cut from shopping bags. I made boulder-like forms by wetting watercolor paper, placing the plastic shapes firmly down on the damp paper, and painting washes around them.
Let dry before removing the plastic. Then develop the painting further. See mine below.
how-to, imprinting
I have a video of making this on YouTube!
The next technique is also a resist method for imprinting a painting. I wanted a garden-y, trellis-y effect for a painting with leaves.
Fold waxed paper, open it up again, and lay it into a wet wash of vivid ink or fluid paint. Press it down with a sheet of glass on top. Let dry before removing the glass and the waxed paper.

technique, mixed-media
Waxed paper texture at work! Folded examples at right.

Embellish and make marks as desired to
achieve the effect you want!
mixed-media, P.Guhin
This is a detail of the finished piece.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


I met Robin in cyberspace, on LinkedIn in the mixed media/collage group. She's a peach and is nice enough to share these works with us. The links beneath the images take you to her Etsy shop.
Her first piece, shown in two photos below, is dimensional and tactile.
Mixed Media Photo Collage Painting Rustic Elementsmixed+media

art+blog, Guhin
The collage above was done with acrylic paints, Glimmer Mist, PearlEx, tulle mesh, a photograph, textured cardboard, brown paper, text clip art, tree bark, butterfly image, copper jewelry wire, heavy gel medium, & clear waterbased varnish.                  

About Robin

"I'm a mixed-media craft artist. I love to design and create wall hangings, quilts, altered books, collage and assemblages with lots of embellishment. I enjoy making hand-crafted gifts for family and friends, which are always appreciated.

"I take my inspiration from my surroundings, incorporating lots of flowers and natural elements in my work. I live in Croton-on-Hudson, NY.

"I majored in Fine Arts at Brooklyn College and also studied graphic design and art mosaics. Some of my work was published in the Summer 2009 and Summer 2011 issues of Somerset Studio Gallery magazine."
Thanks, Robin, for guesting here! And for using some of the spare photos I sent you in your work!
Paula Guhin, the Mixed Media Manic.

Monday, August 25, 2014


The first name chosen in a fair and random drawing (for the 2015 calendar!) was Jusaweecatnap. If she (or he, I suppose I should say, to be politically correct) will kindly contact me personally with a mailing address, I will get the prize out asap. I'm on Facebook and if one is a friend they can message me.

Besides the full-size calendar, I also had a folding one for a desktop, so I thought, What the heck, let's do another drawing! The name selected the second time was Robin Larido! Robin, I will need your mailing address too. Thanks!


My sincere hopes go to the others who participated that
you'll stick with me and try again next time, truly! 
ANNOUNCEMENT: I would love a guest blogger to appear here with mixed-media work they are proud of and want to share! Please let me know if you are interested, with the understanding that you may or may not have the space all to yourself, depending on the response I get (or lack thereof)!

Friday, August 15, 2014


Note: This contest is now closed.

Simply leave a comment below this post for a chance to win a brand new 2015 picture calendar.

(If you try to be as prepared as I do, you'll be glad to have it this early.  Or give it as a gift at the holidays!)

win, winner, giveaway
I require the winner's contact info to mail the prize!
Watch this blog for the name of the winner at the next post. 

P.GuhinThanks for following this blog!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Alter a Photo for Collage (or just for fun!)

Scratch a Photographic Print  to Add Interest
I'll bet you have some commercially-processed photo prints that are less than perfect. Or maybe you have duplicates, or disappointing enlargements.
Here's how to have some fun with them...and if you goof up, it's no loss. If you like the effect, the "new" piece might stand alone--or you could work it into a painting or mixed media artwork.
First, soak the print in warm water (not too cool, please) to soften the emulsion. Gently blot dry.
Then just scratch away with a good, sharp tool! The technique works best in the dark areas of the photograph. The lines may be yellow or blue, depending on the print.
technique, tutorial
If you don't like it, cut or tear into collage pieces. 
NOTE: I plan a giveaway soon with a very useful prize! It will be just for my followers.

Too harsh?

Too harsh?