Thursday, November 26, 2015

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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Original Sin: The Theme for a New Assemblage

The title is Eve, naturally!
I'll start with some of the materials and how I begin most of my assemblages or shrines. Then I'll show you how I actually start (Hint: It's with the support! No surprise there.) Finally, I'll explain my planning process and, at last, display several views of the finished piece.
tutorial, mixed-media
I've begun painting the inside of this wooden box.
If you've been longing to assemble a found-object sculpture, you will likely choose to build it 
Guhin, assemblage
Possible containers to hold an assemblage.
in or on a support of some kind. It's my choice to use adhesives rather than power tools or welding. (I'd probably burn the house down or cut off a body part that I'm rather attached to!) 
Do you have an idea, a theme, even a motif that you'd like to use? It's easy to come up with inspirational concepts if you are passionate about particular ideals. I can't believe I'm about to say this, but (ugh, a cliche) follow your heart! What are your obsessions?
It helps to pull out some of the junk you've been saving--some of it might spark an idea.
I gather objects and materials that may fit my theme, trying to use what I already have (but a trip to the thrift shop might be necessary).

found+objects, how-to
I didn't use the butterflies shown here.
Next, I plan on paper, a rough idea of what goes where, but I advise to stay flexible and change your plans as needed. With Eve, I altered the box, the figure, the Garden elements, even the snake with acrylic paint and/or modeling paste. A sharp little hand saw and a pair of pliers were also necessary. 
mixed-media, assemblage
Stucco, metal & plastic leaves, & pa
Notice that I added another boxy element on the top to balance, hold the viewer's eye, and unify. The piece was inexpensive to create, and it can even be wall-hung if desired.
assemblage, found+objects
Can you find the eye of God?
Here's the back view:

found+objects, mixed-media
Major texture.


Wednesday, November 11, 2015


For your collage or mixed-media works, here's
an easy, quick dynamic duo.
 These ideas work well not only to serve as backgrounds but also as decorative papers to be torn or cut and added as needed.
First up is a method so simple it's almost embarrassing! Paper doilies or crocheted or lacy fabrics make great stencils for spray paint. And you can use the painted materials later!
collage, how-to
Remove some, add some, and spray again!
Wallpaper makes a wonderful start or mixed media material. Attach a sheet of it to a substrate if you wish to fill in a background fast. The floral below was embellished with painted flowers and stems. It's not a finished artwork in my view, but  I'm saving it for possible future use. I can picture torn pieces coming in handy, maybe.
Guhin, mixed-media
Ask your paint dealer for a discontinued wallpaper book or two!

Thursday, November 5, 2015


The first example depicts fabric folds collaged onto a sturdy support. When the adhesive (acrylic medium) was dry, painting over the rhythmic folds was easy.
collage, mixed-media
Tactile! The ridges really stand out.
mixed-media, art+blog
I painted & stamped the bubble wrap first, then squiggled.
Secondly, texture achieved with dimensional paint writers. Let yourself
go and have fun with these.
 Next up, a textural method using a stucco-like medium. I pressed mesh into it while it was still moist and let it dry that way. Then I peeled off the mesh and painted, washing a dark, thinned color into the crevices.
texture, copyrighted
Like many of the paste mediums, stucco is very absorbent.






Modeling paste
was mixed with acrylics in the example below.
Not pretty, I know, but it could be painted to look more appealing when dry.
Guhin, how-to, texture
I used a stiff square of matboard to scrape.
For our final textural method, below,
I used a chiffon scarf (found at a thrift shop). A heat gun shrivels, puckers, and generally makes the fabric very cool! (Hot but cool.)
tute, mixed-media
This photo is before painting!
I hope these ideas spark more creativity in YOU! Tip: Try the one that gets you the most excited...your finished piece will surely be a stunner. 

Monday, October 26, 2015


Sue's mixed-media art is vivid, bold, and appealing!

mixed-media, painting
Abstraction I
Sue Marrazzo is an experimental artist who works in collage, mixed media, acrylic, and encaustic painting.  She has won many awards and believes, “Art is about learning to see."  Her strengths as an artist are with color
theory and composition.  

art+blog, mixed-media
It's Electric, an 8 x 10" mixed media piece.
texture, painting
Night Reflection II, 4 x 4" mixed media on wood
Sue currently teaches
collage, abstract painting,
and experimental mixed
media at the Art Center
School and Galleries,
Mechanicsburg, PA.
Her collages are featured
in the National Collage
Society’s 2012, -13 and -14
Juried Member’s Annual
Calendar. In 2015, she
became the moderator of the
Textured Art Gallery Online
International Blog Community.
(Note from Paula: My sincere thanks to Sue
for allowing this content to appear here.
I appreciate both her and her work! See


Wednesday, October 21, 2015


I'm so very pleased that Lynn Edwards is featuring this in-the-round sculpture on her blog right now! See more about the piece there, and don't miss her stunning work, at (Lynn also has a professional site at

 Time, Where Have You Gone was motivated by thoughts of how quickly
the years pass...too quickly!

assemblage, Guhin
One side view.

Guhin, assemblage
Back view.
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